Avtek TouchScreen 6 Lite 65 interaktivni ekran

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Avtek TouchScreen 6 Lite 65 interaktivni ekran

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Avtek TouchScreen 6 Lite 65  WiFi – interaktivni ekran , sa Androidom  ima Interaktivni ekran 65″  sa UHD / 4K rezolucijom i LED pozadinskim osvetljenjem – vrhunski kvalitet slike i povoljna cena!


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Avtek TouchScreen 6 Lite 65 interaktivni ekran


Attract attention, inspire with accuracy, and present at a completely innovative level with Avtek TouchScreen 6 Lite, which you will connect with easier than ever!

Android version 8.0 offers fast components and a high version of the operating system, which makes the operation of the monitor much smoother, reading the touch is up to 40% faster than in its predecessor and allows you to install more and more demanding applications.

The ability to write with two colors at the same time – make a colorful presentation and attract the attention of students and colleagues thanks to the double-sided pens included in the kit.

Even more ports thanks to which the monitor is even more adapted to work in any conditions and to connect more devices. Thanks to the HDMI output, connecting the projector and displaying the image with notes on a huge screen is at your fingertips.

The built-in WiFi / Bluetooth module allows for convenient, quick connection to available networks and instant activation of bluetooth in order to transfer files or wirelessly connect devices such as speakers or headphones.

Accurate touch control – thanks to the Zero Bonding technology, using the monitor is even more natural. The minimal space between the display and the protective glass makes the electronic ink appear just below the pen, with the parallax phenomenon minimized. It improves the feeling of writing, making the most frequently used functions of the interactive monitor to note, write or draw more pleasant and intuitive.

Built-in wireless image transfer application allows you to connect to 8 computers or mobile devices at once and display up to four images simultaneously. Wireless transmission of image, sound and touch allows for even more convenient collaboration and eliminates the need to connect each computer directly to the monitor. In addition, thanks to the support of Miracast technology, connection with a Windows 10 computer does not require installing any applications!

With Over-the-Air (Over-the-Air) software updates of the monitor, it will always receive the latest features and applications introduced over time. The user will easily install the update himself when it is available, so that he will not miss future changes.

TouchScreen 6 monitors are prepared to support 4K / UHD resolutions. An advanced panel with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and refreshing 60Hz is responsible for displaying the image. The housing has a new slot for an optional computer in the OPS standard and HDMI 2.0 ports that allow you to connect any modern equipment.

Thanks to the unique solution, which are shared USB ports on the front of the monitor, a USB stick once connected will be available both in Android and the built-in OPS computer without the need to switch between ports.

The new version of the note-taking tool allows you to not only take notes on any image or use the monitor as an interactive whiteboard, but it is also equipped with additional tools to help in presentations, lessons and meetings, such as a stopwatch, timer, spotlight and voting system.

The voting tool called from a handy shortcuts bar available on any source allows you to ask any question, collect the answers and discuss them quickly. Regardless of whether you are displaying a presentation, an Android browser or an image from an external source such as a laptop.

The monitor locking function is a solution dedicated to the school environment and suitable for crowded places. USB Disk Lock allows you to lock the monitor and unlock it only after connecting the key (USB memory stick) with the appropriate unlocking file. With the application to lock the monitor, we can secure it just like a phone with a code. Both solutions protect the hardware and the data available on it against unauthorized use.

Avtek TouchScreen monitors come with interactive Note software for Windows, which allows you to prepare a lesson and handle a business presentation. Note supports the same file format as the Android whiteboard app, so you can start editing the same file on the monitor and then finish it in the Note app on Windows.

In addition to the Note software, the monitor comes with two other programs: Connect and Capture. The first is for communication between a mobile device and a PC and allows, inter alia, to send the image back and forth and control the presentation. This makes remote control of the monitor from a computer simple and intuitive.

Capture is a handy tool for recording and editing presentations or lectures. It allows you to record the desktop of your Windows computer and the image from the connected camera (or both). Capture also offers quick editing of your content, which can be saved, uploaded to the cloud or posted to sites such as YouTube as a single video file.

Interactive monitors are ideal for scenarios with different requirements, which is why OPS computers are available in several variants. In education and for basic applications, the economical i3 is ideal. The i5 versions are designed for more advanced applications, and the extremely powerful Intel i7 for the most professional applications.


Detaljnu specifikaciju pogledajte za Avtek Touchscreen 5 Lite 65″ OVDE

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Dodatne informacije


Technical data

Manufacturer Avtek
Touch technology Infrared
Brightness 350 cd / m2
Display colors 1.07 billion
Video inputs 3 x HDMI
VGA (D-Sub15)
Video outputs HDMI
Audio inputs 3.5 mm mini jack
Audio output 3.5 mm mini jack
Communication ports RJ-45
4 x USB 2.0
3 x USB 3.0
2 x USB Touch
Weight 38.8 kg
Weight (with packaging) 49.7 kg
Power consumption (Min./Max.) 140W Standard / 300W Max
Power consumption (Stand-by) <0.5W
Additional Features Android OS
OSD touch menu
OPS slot
USB Media Player
Annotation application
Voting tool Annotation
on any source
Windows software compatible with annotation application
Upload your own logo
Display of text comments on the screen by participants
Change the name of the signal source
Accessories included Remote control with batteries
Audio cable (5 m)
USB cable (5 m)
Power cord (3 m)
Wall mounting bracket
CD or pendrive with software and drivers
Quick start manual
WiFi / Bluetooth module
Pens (2 pcs)
HDMI cable (3 m)
Certificates CE
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
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